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Get ready to enter a fantastic medieval fantasy world with The Destiny Knot. In this game you will set a young guy in who will decide the destiny of his city and its people. Only you can influence the clash between two ancient cities. The Destiny Knot is a story driven / action platform game. The player will have the opportunity to make multiple choices to influence the story. There are also platform sections, run and gun sections, stealth sections, time trials and boss fights. The game is available in English and Italian and is playable via mouse and keyboard and gamepad.
In this demo you can play the first phases of the game, to experience the full experience buy the complete game.



The Destiny Knot DEMO Version.zip 50 MB

Install instructions

IMPORTANT all the files must be in the same folder or the game won't work. Don't move away any file from The Destiny Knot DEMO Version folder.

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